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Affordable X-Ray Design

Affordable Lead Shielding - Do I need a Medical Physicist to do my X-ray room design ?

The answer is no! Many private practices believe the opposite to be true, however Clear Image X-Ray can save you hundreds of dollars by self performing your Lead Shielding Design & Radiography registration paperwork that must be submitted to the state before you can legally perform  X-ray Exams in your office.

Some companies will try to make this a very intimidating process so they can justify higher cost. At Clear Image we make this process as simple as possible to keep cost fair and within your budget! The sooner we get involved with room choice and design the more we can save you.  Did you know that exterior walls require no lead in most circumstances? That is one of the many ways that Clear Image's expertise can help you save time and money while designing your x-ray room and lead shielding.