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Can I Afford Digital?

When deciding whether or not to switch or upgrade  to digital x-ray equipment in your medical or veterinary office, or if you are opening a new medical or veterinary office, you are facing two questions: why is digital x-ray equipment better than analog or traditional x-ray equipment and the more importantly is digital x-ray equipment affordable? 

The first question is answered in this article.

The second question, can I afford upgrading or buying new or used digital x-ray equipment for my medical or veterinary office, will be answered here.? If you own or operate a chiropractic, orthopedic, pulmonary, podiatry, sports rehab, imaging center, private practice or veterinary office you already have x-ray equipment and an x-ray room for your patients and it might be time to upgrade your out dated equipment either digital or analog. On the other hand, you might be opening a new medical or veterinary practice and are trying to decide if digital x-ray equipment is a within your budget for your new x-ray room. When starting up a new practice or opening a 2nd office is The Best Time to go Digital; digital x-ray equipment has come a long way in terms of efficiency and price. 

One expense that is most often overlooked with traditional, analog x-ray equipment is the the cost of a darkroom & the necessary supplies to operate it. For example you will need the following to operate a dark room for analog x-ray equipment:

Film processor = $4,200.00
Electrical & plumbing  = $500.00
Film bin = $250.00
Safe light = $150.00
I.D. printer = $150.00
2 - 14x17 film cassettes = $450.00 - 1 - box of film = $119.00 (reoccurring cost)
2 - 10x12 film cassettes = $300.00 - 1 - box of film = $52.00 (reoccurring cost)
2 - 8x10 film cassettes = $225.00 - 1 - box of film = $42.00 (reoccurring cost)
1 case Developer chemical = $56.00 (reoccurring cost) also environmental hazard !
1 case Fixer chemical = $34.00 (reoccurring cost) also environmental hazard ! 
Film view box light = $350.00
Hot light for spot film viewing = $175.00  
Shelf to store patient film = $350.00
Envelopes to store patient films (100) = $36.00 ( reoccurring cost ) 
Monthly maintenance on film processor = $75.00 ( reoccurring cost )
Also dark room door needs to be Light tight = $150.00 (Labor & materials)
The grand total on the operation of a darkroom is $7,190.00 

This $7,190 is money you can put toward a greener, safer, more capable AND money saving piece of equipment; digital x-ray equipment. 

Secondly, the average dark room requires around 64 square feet. Office space is a huge overhead expense. Conversely  a CR Digital Image Processor only requires a minimal 9 square feet, saving not only space but more importantly your bottom line. 

In conclusion, traditional, analog x-ray equipment is more costly in the long-run due to the reoccurring cost of film, developer and fixer chemical, maintenance and other routine expenses coupled with the space and expertise to operate a dark room. Not only does Digital X-ray equipment show your patients that you are truly professional and committed to the demands of the growing technological world,  but You are also committed to the best & safest way of imaging your Patient! Finally, the environmental benefits of digital x-ray equipment outweigh the environmental hazards of dumping developer and fixer chemicals required to operate digital x-ray equipment into the environment. The question is not can you afford to go digital it's can you afford NOT to? 

Clear Image X-Ray can not only help with all of your X-ray Imaging Equipment needs we can also help assist you with your equipment and complete office financing needs !