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X-Ray Chemical

We use and recommend AUTEX FR developer and AUTEX fixer from Allied Diagnostic Imaging Resources Inc. We deliver to you in case lots of two, five-gallon units. Other sizes including one-gallon containers are also available as well as manual developer in one- or five-gallon sizes as required. 

Autex RP Developer & Repllenisher 
The quality standard for general radiography. Three part liquid concentrate for use with all films.
Autex SE Developer & Replenisher 
For enhanced images in single-emulsion applications and superior performance with double-emulsion films. Atlanta X-Ray Chemical, Fixer, and Developer
Three part liquid concentrate for single-emulsion films 
Autex UV Developer & Replenisher
Three part liquid concentrate for optimal Sterling Ultra-Vision film processing
Autex STF Develper & Replenisher
Cronex HSD formulation under license from Sterling Diagnostic Imaging 
Autex KE Developer & Replenisher 
Three part liquid concentrate for optimal performance with all Kodak films
A2 Developer "Unitized' 
Two-Part developer in a unitized bottle; minimal environment impact 
Autex RP FIxer and Replenisher
Superior drying capabilities, specially formulated for high-temperature processing. Two-part liquid concentrate hardening formulation 
Autex Classic Fixer & Replenisher 
superior fixing and hardening, two-part low odor fixer

Clear Image X-Ray is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. We provide price discounts on x-ray chemical, fixer and developer by Autex for Atlanta and surrounding Georgia cities. For bulk pricing and special chemical discounts, Contact Us today!