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Digital CR X-Ray Equipment

Clear Image X-Ray is fully equipped with the knowledge and expertise to provide your medical or veterinary office with the Digital CR X-Ray Equipment and installation you desire. Clear Image X-Ray can help you relocate your existing CR x-ray equipment between offices or during a remodel to quickly and efficiently restore your office's functionality. If you are upgrading your medical or veterinary office to a digital CR x-ray equipment contact Clear Image X-Ray for questions or visit our FAQs page for more information on upgrading and choosing the best x-ray equipment for your needs and budget.

Why is digital CR X-Ray equipment the right choice for you:
  • Save on required, monthly chemical changing and processor cleanings compared to analog.
  • Eliminate the need for costly film and film storage
  • Save on other tools: rulers, magnifying glasses, protractors, view boxes, hot lights and more
  • Corrects unreliable exposures from analog – increasing quality control
  • Multiple Image Display for easy comparison
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Green – no flushing of toxic, harmful chemicals
  • Eliminates Darkroom Expense – a minimal $7000.00 expense
  • Decreases overhead and office space – a minimum 60 square feet by eliminating the darkroom.
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For Metro Atlanta and surrounding Georgia cities depend on Clear Image to provide you with the digital x-ray hardware your customers are looking for! See other southeastern states we provide service to.