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  1. Affordable Lead Shielding - Do I really need a medical physicist to design an x-ray room? 
  2. Buying Used X-ray Equipment - What Are the Benefits?
  3. CR vs DR
  4. CR vs DR vs CCD
  5. Digital vs Analog
  6. Film Removal/Disposal
  7. Financing Digital Xray Equipment
  8. Graduating from school - opening your own practice - what you need to know!
  9. Green X-ray
  10. How long do I keep my films before I have to throw them away?
  11. Is Digital X-ray Affordable? 
  12. Opening a new practice - what you need to know about your xray equipment
  13. Preventative Maintenance - processor cleanings, calibrations and more!
  14. Upgrading to Digital X-ray? The steps you need to know
  15. what do I do with old films when I upgrade to digital xray equipment - Digitizer Service
  16. X-ray Calibration - Why?