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Lead Aprons/Attire

Adjustable Fit Apron

Adjustable Fit Apron (Free Monograms)

Free one line Monogram (mas 23 letters and spaces) on all adjustable fit lead aprons. .5mm lead front protection. Choose from Velcro or 2" buckle closure. Comes with pocket and shoulder pads, Prices shown do not include shipping. Monogrammed aprons are not returnable. 30% restocking fee plus shipping on all returns. 

Ultra Soft Thyroid Collar 

Thyroid Collar
Ultra soft thyroid collar with .5mm lead equivalent. This is our softest and most flexible collar offering the best of comfort with no binding. Rear Velcro  closure. .5mm lead protection. Also available in non-lead (Earthsafe) styles. Chose from an assortment of colors. Item# TC201 Royal Blue Nylon in stock and ships immediately. 

Pregnancy Apron

Pregnancy Apron 

Pregnancy lead protective apron with special protection for fetal area. Lead protection is 1.0mm Pb equivalency over the fetal area and .5mm over remaining areas. 22' X 24" pregnancy panel can be removed at completion of pregnancy to create a standard Flex-Guard apron with .5mm lead protection. Should pads are concealed for comfort and durability.

Standard Thyroid Collars

Designed for thyroid protection. Choose from a variety of colors in a nylon covering with rear Velcro closures. All of our thyroid collars are rated at .5mm lead equivalent protection. Also available in (Earthsafe) non-lead styles. 

Standard Aprons

Standard Lead Aprons provide .5mm lead equivalency. 1" ties are standard. Open back allow for freedom of movement, maximum flexibility, and increased comfort. Available in Blue Vinyl or Royal Blue Nylon for immediate delivery. 

Necktie Fun Collar
Embroidered collra on gray shirt with red and black tie. Available in lightweight lead only. Features Velcro closure. .5mm lead protection. 

Skirts and Vests 

Designed for full wrap around protection and significant weight reduction because of the two piece design. The vest offers .5mm lead front protection and .3mm back protection. Skirt closures is Velcro with a 2" belt and quick release buckle. NOTE: Vest is designed for 2" minimum overlap for adjustable fit. 

Dental Patient Apron 

Our dental patient lead aprons come in a wide selection of vibrant colors plus our colorful Happy Face pattern. This apron is made with a non slip backing for keeping the apron firmly in position. No ties or fasterned are used. Available in adult and child sizes. Lead Pb equiv. is .3mm protection. 

Surgical Drop Off Aprons/Flex Back 

Designed to be removed from under surgical gown with out compromising sterile fields. The Flex Back feature offers top of the shoulder Velcro flaps for an adjustable fith with elastic back panels for added ocmfort and support. .5mm lead equiv. 

Kling Cover Dental Apron

The Kling COver Dtal Apron is designed for complete patient protection of the neck, throat, chest , shoulders and gonadal area. The Kling Cover apron is available in child and adult sizes. Single Velcro collar closure makes this apron fast and easy to use. 

Wrap Around Apron with a Wide Belt

Designed with a six inch elastic back support belt and front buckle which helps transfer the weight of the apron off the shoulders. Front protection and generous front overlap for double protection. Apron lengths: 30", 31", 32", 34", 36", 38" Measure length from sternal notch down to knees. 

Gonadal Shields 

.5mm lead protection. Standard color is blue. Three sizes availbale. Small (3X5), Medium (6X7) and Large (7X9). Also available in sets of three. All shields have attached ties with Velcro. 

Wrap Around Apron 

Designed for front and back protection and features extra wide shoulders, distributing weight to the greater area to reduce fatigue. This apron offers 1.0mm protection where panels overla. Lengths: 30", 31", 32", 34", 36", and 38". Measure from sternal notch down to knees. 

Deluxe Coat Aprons

.5mm Pb Equiv. Available in a wide choice of colors, designer prints, and fabrics. Closures available in standard ties, Velcro, or 2" belts with Quick Release Buckles. In stock immediately for delivery are Lt. Blue Vinyl or Royal Blue Nylon in standard weight models. 

Half Aprons

Our Half Lead apron is designed to provide front or back protection. All half lead aprons are .5mm Pb equiv. Availbale in a wide selection of colors with tie, velcro, or quick release buckle closure. Light Blue Vinyl with ties or velcro in stock for immediate delivery. 

Veterinary Aprons

This apron is manufactured and noted for its durability. A smooth surface lessens the damage cause by animal claws. Available with tie closures only in light gray vinyl.