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Lead Gloves

Seamless Leather Gloves $229

This Glove has a soft attractive leather covering. Colors: Black and Fawn. 

Radiation Attenuation Glove $69

This specialty glove is a neoprene lead-free bismuth attenuating radio-opaque glove developed for shielding the user from harmful radiation during fluoroscopic procedures. The purpose of this glove is to offer protection from the radiation scatter beam while providing a degree of finger sensitivity through the glove material. Attenuation Data: 34% at 60 kVp, 26% at 80 kVp and 21% at 100 kVp. Supplied in sterile pairs. Nonreturnable. 

Veterinary Mitten $105
Designed for Veterinary use with a slit in the palm that allows the hands to exit for freedom and withdraw during radiation exposure. Color is Royal Blue in a nylon covering and are contour cut to fit the arm. 

Vinyl Molded Gloves (No Covering) $132

These gloves are a seamless lead vinyl dipped molded glove with no outer covering or inner liner. They are available in 3 sizes, small, medium, large and all offer .5mm lead protection. Color beige. 

Lead Gloves 15" Seamless $186 

Colors: Dark Blue, Champagne, Burgundy, Gray, Dark Brown
One piece .5mm lead equivalent dip-molded vinyl covered glove lined with a foam backed jersey knit. 

Rad Attenuation Gloves $59

Sizes 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9
Disposable lead free-NR (Natural Rubber) latex-powder free-sterile gloves that can be used effectively under surgical gloves for Interventional procedures such as catherizations, angioplasty, pain management, orthopedics and any fluroscopy procedure. Attenuation Data: 55% at 60kVp, 43% at 80kVp and 34% at 100 kVp. 

Lead Mitten and Slit Mitten 
Black Leather $210      Black Leather Slit $249 
Blue Vinyl $191          Blue Vinyl Slit $202
These 15" mittens offer .5mm lead protection and come in a black leather covering or a blue vinyl covering. These mittens are soft and supple and a pleasure to wear.