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Preventative Maintenance

Being quick can be just doing the basics. Being efficient, however, is making sure that the job is done right to avoid repeat and unnecessary visits and costly downtime. We at Clear Image X-Ray pride ourselves on our efficiency and do what it takes during each visit to keep your  x-ray equipment performing at its best. Our comprehensive checklist and system performance tracking helps us to not only maintain your system properly, but it can also give us a heads up on any issues which could arise before upcoming visits. 

Our preventative maintenance includes: 

  • Cleaning the x-ray processor 
  • Calibrations
  • Lubing and cleaning gears to ensure longevity 
  • Mix new chemistry 
  • Properly disposing of used chemistry 
  • Verify the proper working order of all hardware 
  • Used Film Disposal if desired
You have most likely heard that it is important to have your x-ray equipment properly calibrated on a regular basis - hopefully you haven't found out the hard way and it has cost you downtime, upset patients, and of course - money. Clear Image reminds you when it is time to have your routine calibrations performed and in addition we go the extra step to make sure you processor and all parts of the x-ray equipment are properly taken care of by lubing and cleaning the gears mixing new chemistry to keep the processor running clean and smoothly, and other inspections for wear and tear to catch future problems from happening. 

Installing Digital or Analog X-Ray Equipment - We install the following brands: 
  • AFP
  • Agfa
  • Del Medical Systems Group
  • Fischer Ind. 
  • Fuji
  • Hope
  • Kodak
  • Konica 
  • Orex
  • TXR 
  • Universal 
We provide routine, preventative maintenance for the following specialties: