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Clear Image X-Ray not only offers great products and services, but we also off current and accurate training designed to help your office staff become proficient in the use of all your x-ray equipment. Maureen Cochran's credentials include over 35 years experience in diagnostic and Educational Radiologic Technology. 

Maureen Cochran Offers:
  • State of Georgia X-Ray Certification classes 
  • On-site X-Ray operator's course X-ray in service exposure charts, trouble shooting etc. 
In addition, Maureen offers services in: Radiation Safety Training Georgia
  • Shielding Designs 
  • Mock Audits for State Inspections 
  • Applications for bone density: C-Arm and cephalmetric and panoramic dental radiography
  • Radiographic positioning and related anatomy. 
  • Equipment orientation/machine operation/console settings 
  • X-Ray tube placement/angulations/centering/locks
  • Correct tube and cassette centering 
  • Review of measuring/ restraints/ lead shields and aprons
  • Proper FFD and OFD for related procedures 
  • Lead marker placements and beam collimation 
  • X-Ray film, processing, identification, handling and storage
  • Darkroom processor, safelights, light leaks and ventilation 
  • Review radiation safety/protection for personnel and patients 
  • Evaluate image environment 
  • Review current image quality and exposure factors. 
  • Operator's Class will be scheduled at the client's facility, at their convenience. Approximately 3-4 hours of class time.