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X-Ray Room Design

Adding or improving X-Ray and Imaging capabilities to your offices has many great benefits, but the magnitude of such a change can require hundreds of man-hours that neither you nor your staff is able to commit. When it comes to the overall inclusion of X-Ray facilities to your practice, let the professionals do what they do best. 

From the very start Clear Image X-Ray takes care of it all. We will help you to determine location and design of your imaging suite in your practice, helping save you significant expenses in lead shielding, darkroom, and space requirements. 

We will correspond with Electricians and Plumbers and coordinate any changes and installations that may be required. 

Clear Image will also ensure that all permits required for your imaging equipment are acquired before signing off on a completed imaging suite. 

Ideal X-Ray Room Design

Clear Image X-Ray is proud to service the metro-Atlanta, Georgia area with our exemplary customer service, unmatched quality control, and best-in-class x-ray room design service!